Michael O’Rourke
(Michigan State) and I have just returned from Columbia University, where we conducted two Toolbox workshops (one each) for the College of Nursing. Dr. Elaine Larson (Associate Dean of Research, School of Nursing) invited us to present the Toolbox method and facilitate Toolbox workshops using the Health Sciences Toolbox Instrument in her “Building Interdisciplinary Research Models” course. The students were predominantly nursing doctoral students and they had many interesting and insightful comments during the dialogue.

logo1901In a new twist for the Toolbox Project, Dr. Larson will have the students continue discussing the Health Sciences Toolbox Instrument for the next six weeks of the course, taking one module per week. This is the first time for the Toolbox Project that there has been an extended dialogue process. Dr. O’Rourke and I will continue to partner with Dr. Larson and her post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Amanda Hessels, on this extended collaboration. We currently plan to produce one to two research papers on this extended deployment of the Toolbox method in a Health Sciences setting.