If you’re not already familiar with philpapers.org, check it out now. It is a tremendous repository of philosophical literature. And even more impressively, it is elaborately categorized. If you’re a philosopher, you couldn’t ask for a much better research tool. There isn’t a better way to find out what is being published on topics you’re researching.

For some time now, I’ve been the editor of the Conversational Implicature leaf on philpapers. Since a lot of my research is on this topic, it works out nicely. I was even able to add several papers to the database when I first took over.

Just recently, I’ve also taken over as the editor for Conventional Implicature and Implicature, Misc. leafs, as well as the larger category of Implicature.

If you’re a philosopher, check to see if you’re area of research has an editor. Several still don’t and could use knowledgable people to manage them. And it helps the discipline as a whole.