A good deal of my research has focused on the virtue of intellectual humility. Part of this research project includes the development and validation of a tool to measure intellectual humility. Over five years, five studies, and over 3,600 participants went into this effort, which has since been published in PLOS One.

My co-authors (Mark Alfano, Kathryn Iurino, Paul Stey, Markus Christen, Feng Yu, Daniel Lapsley) and I created a 22-item intellectual humility (IH) scale. We found for sub-domains (or factors): open-mindedness, Intellectual modesty, corrigibility, and engagement.

If you are interested in administering the IH scale using pen and paper for non-profit, academic research, you may do so. (If you wish to use the scale for some other purpose, please contact me.) All you need are the following:

Coming soon: the IH scale in German! (See the article for details.)