There is a new series of posts coming to Cacoethes Scribendi. I’ll be writing a series of posts called Unpublished Thoughts. I, like most philosophers, have way too much going on to write up and publish articles on every interesting thought that pass through my mind. My own research agenda is already very full, and some ideas or arguments are too far afield from my research areas; they simply would take too long to develop into an article. But the power of the internet saves the day, allowing me to share these ideas with others. While I one day may come back to some of these ideas in this series, I won’t begrudge anyone from developing them into an article on their own (so long as credit for the initial idea is given). I would ask, however, that any criticism not extend beyond the blogosphere. If you disagree, feel free to say so in the comments or in a blog post of your own, but not in any scholarly format. These unpublished thoughts are not fully worked up. My intention is to share thoughts of interest, hoping to spark further thought in the future, either for me or someone else. I hope you enjoy these explorations.