As you may recall, early this year my colleagues and I received a grant to investigate the elusiveness of intellectual humility (IH). I wanted to offer an end-of-the-year update on our progress. Mark Alfano and I are working on a paper laying out the philosophical argument for why intellectual humility is fundamentally elusive. This fall, I ran the first experiment in Study I at Grand Valley State University, with over 500 participants. These results will be compared to those coming soon from the University of Oregon to create an explicit IH scale.

Markus Christen lead the effort in completing completed our semantic analysis of IH with some fascinating results. Essentially, he found various synonyms and antonyms for IH and grouped them to show what an intellectually humble person is and isn’t. In short, we find that an IH person is “curious, mindful for others and unpretentious.” He wrote up a short summary of our results on our IH blog. I highly recommend it.